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Matvey Blanter

Bryanskaya oblast


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Matvey Blunter is a Soviet composer, the author of the legendary "Katyusha" and many other works mainly on military subjects. People's Artist of the Soviet Union and winner of the Stalin Prize.

Matvey Blunter is a man of unique creative destiny. He is called the patriarch and even one of the founders of Soviet music. The composer's name was glorified by the famous song "Katyusha", he could go down in history only thanks to her alone. However, the author's creative biography is rich in other masterpieces that cause a sense of awe among many generations of Russians.

The musician was born on January 28, 1903 in the city of Pochep. Now a city in the Bryansk region. His father was a grain merchant, and his mother worked in a local theater. Matvey had three brothers and sisters – Yasha, Zhenya and Galina.