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Millerovo - Gorod voinskoy doblesti!

Rostovskaya oblast

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Photos and historical info.
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The city of Millerovo was occupied by the troops of Nazi Germany on July 16, 1942. Millerovo had

strategic importance for the Nazis, the invaders were attracted by a convenient geographical location


December 24, 1942 becomes the date of the beginning of the Battle of Millerovo. More than 3 weeks lasted

fierce battles for the city. Especially stubborn was the resistance of the invaders in the area of the elevator and

near the railway station.

But this did not prevent the Soviet troops from completely liberating Millerovo on January 17, 1943.

The liberation of the city of Millerovo from the Nazi invaders was of great importance for the entire Soviet command, since it predetermined the imminent end of Paulus' army in the Stalingrad "cauldron" and the successful completion of Operation Small Saturn