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Geroy Sovetskogo Soyuza Medvedev Nikolay Yakovlevich

Tambovskaya oblast


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Nikolay Yakovlevich Medvedev, a native of the Tambov region (1922-1985) — a participant in the Great Patriotic War, the 2nd number of the anti-tank rifle company of the 384th separate Marine Battalion of the Odessa Naval Base of the Black Sea Fleet, a sailor. Hero of the Soviet Union.


He was born on December 4, 1922 in the village of Mashkovo-Surena, now Nikiforovsky district of the Tambov region, in a peasant family. Russian.

He graduated from the 5th grade of school No. 9 in Michurinsk. He worked as a locksmith at a locomotive repair plant in Michurinsk.

He served in the Navy since September 1941 as a lock in the artillery part of the coastal defense of the city of Batumi.

In 1943, Nikolai Medevedev was sent to the city of Poti to form a separate flamethrower company. In November 1943, in the city of Osipenko (now Berdyansk), the company was merged into the 384th separate Marine battalion - Medvedev became the 2nd number of an anti—tank rifle.