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Geroy Velikoy Otechestvennoy Voyny, zaschitnik Brestskoy kreposti Naganov Aleksey Fedorovich, urozhenec Ulyanovskoy oblasti

Ulyanovskaya oblast

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Alexey Fedorovich Naganov, the Hero of The Great Patriotic War (1041-1945)

Our compatriot Alexey Naganov was born in Ulyanovsk region in 1915.

He started his army career and graduated Minsk Military Infantry School with honours. Having been one of the best students, in 1940 he was assigned to continue his service in Brest as a troop commander.

22nd of June 1941, the day when The Great Patriotic War started, the Brest Fortress' armed forces faced the first fascist attacks. Alexey Naganov, along other soldiers, heroically defended the main gates of the fortification. He died during the battle.

He was given a posthumous award, the Order of the Patriotic War, 1st class.

There are streets named after Alexey Naganov, in Ulyanovsk and Brest, Belarus.

In Ulyanovsk region, there are two bust monuments - in villages Staraya Maina and Krasnaya Reka.