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Nikolay Polikarpov

Orlovskaya oblast

QSL via R5EO

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Nikolay Nikolaevich Polikarpov (May 28 (June 9), 1892, Georgievskoye village, Livensky District, Oryol Province — July 30, 1944, Moscow[1][2][3]) — Russian and Soviet aircraft designer, head of OKB-51 (later Sukhoi Design Bureau). Twice winner of the Stalin Prize, Hero of Socialist Labor. Polikarpov is one of the founders of the Soviet school of Russian aircraft construction. The multi-purpose U-2 (Po-2) and P-5 aircraft created under his leadership were among the best in their class, and the I-15 bis, I-153 "Chaika" and I-16 became the basis of the USSR fighter aviation of 1934-1941, for which the designer earned the reputation of the "king of fighters".