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The city of the first salute is the unofficial name of the cities of Orel and Belgorod, which on August 5, 1943, during the Battle of Kursk, were liberated from the Nazi invaders by the troops of the Western, Central, Voronezh, Bryansk and Steppe fronts. The city of Orel was liberated in the morning, and Belgorod at 18:00 Moscow time.

By order of I. V. Stalin No. 2 of August 5, 1943, on this day in Moscow, an artillery salute was given to the troops who liberated Orel and Belgorod. This salute was the first during the Great Patriotic War, so the name "city of the first salute" was fixed for Orel and Belgorod. In the same order, for the first time, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief awarded the honorary names of "Oryol" and "Belgorod" units that distinguished themselves in battles.