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Geroyu Zapolyarya, Podstanickomu Aleksandru Vitalevichu

Sverdlovskaya oblast


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Alexander Podstanitsky was born on September 15, 1921 in the village of Umba on the Tersky coast of the Murmansk region. Alexander's early childhood was spent in the villages of Lovozero, Pulozero, Notozero, where his parents Olga Fedorovna and Vitaly Vladimirovich worked at a school.

Soon the regiment, in which Podstanitsky serves, was sent to the Yaroslavl region, where in October 1941 hostilities began in the Moscow direction. How tense the situation was on the outskirts of the capital can be judged by the losses - 40 pilots died, that is, half of the regiment.

On June 16, the air group returned from a northern mission to the main Yakushevo airfield. And a few days later, on June 28, 1942, Sergeant Alexander Podstanitsky died in an air battle near Orel. A burning Il-4 bomber fell near the front line - southwest of the village of Rosstani near the Korotysh station not far from the ancient city of Livny, Oryol region. He was twenty years old at the time.