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Zaschitnikam polya Kulikovskoy bitvy

Tulskaya oblast


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Radio station in memory of the soldiers of the 269th Infantry Division, who defended Kulikovo field in 1941

In 1380, the famous battle of Russian regiments with Mamayev's army took place on Kulikovo Field in the Tula region. This is the Battlefield of Russia, where the first great victory of Russian troops in the history of Ancient Russia was won. It is also the site of a battle on the outskirts of Moscow at the end of 1941.

At the end of November, the German invaders approached the field itself, and occupied the village of Mokhovoye. At this turn, the 269th Rifle Division of the 3rd Army heroically held the defense. Directly at the monument in memory of the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380, Red Army soldiers counterattacked the Nazis and repelled their attacks. The division stood on the defensive, and already on December 13, 1941, together with the entire front, it went forward, squeezing the Nazis out from under Moscow.

After the Battle of Kulikovo, the 269th Rifle Division fought near Orel, destroyed fascists during the Battle of Kursk, participated in the liberation of Belarus, smashed Wehrmacht soldiers in East Prussia and completed its difficult combat path near Berlin.