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schuchinskiy placdarm

Voronezhskaya oblast


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From January 3 to January 7, 1943, representatives of the command - Deputy People's Commissar of Defense Marshal G.K. Zhukov and Chief of the General Staff Colonel-General A.V. Vasilevsky - went to check the troops on the Storozhevskaya and Shchuchensky bridgehead to clarify the reconnaissance of the troops. The plan provided for the simultaneous concentration of a strike by the 40th Army troops from the Storozhevsky bridgehead and a counter strike in order to encircle the 3rd tank Army, reinforced by infantry divisions. On January 13, 1943, the offensive of Soviet troops began along the entire front line in accordance with the plan of the Ostrogozhsko-Rossoshanskaya operation.

On January 14, after a powerful artillery preparation, the offensive began from the Shchuchensk bridgehead. The enemy's resistance was broken by the powerful tank strike of the tank brigades and the selfless onslaught of the infantry of the 309th and 219th rifle divisions.

On the enemy side there were 260 thousand soldiers and officers, 300 tanks, 900 guns, 300 aircraft; 210 thousand soldiers and officers, 3,155 guns and mortars, 797 tanks, 208 aircraft.