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Truzhenikam tyla i voinam Tatarstana

Respublika Tatarstan

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Tatarstan during the Great Patriotic War

More than 560 thousand residents of Tatarstan went to the battlefields, more than 300 thousand did not return home. Seven divisions, hundreds of separate companies were formed on the territory of the republic. More than 225 Tatarstan citizens were awarded the highest military distinction - the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

The republic has become one of the largest centers for the production of modern military equipment. In 1941-1945, plant No. 22 named after. Gorbunov produced more than 10,000 PE-2 dive bombers, about 100 PE-8 strategic bombers, plant number 387, now a helicopter plant, produced 11,000 PO-2 light bombers.

The enterprises of the republic produced shells and fuses, cartridges and bombs, anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, aircraft and tank devices, parachutes, landing craft, optical instruments, communications equipment, uniforms, footwear, food and much more, providing for the needs of the front.

Agricultural workers of the republic gave the front 131 million poods of bread, 39 million poods of potatoes and vegetables, 56 million poods of meat, 200 million liters of milk.

In Kazan and the cities of the republic, 50 hospitals were opened, in which 340,000 officers and soldiers received medical care during the war years. Of these, 200 thousand, and these are 20 full-fledged divisions, returned to service again.