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Ulyanovskaya oblast

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Sokolov Nikolai Vasilyevich — Major General of the Soviet Army.

He was born in 1899 in the village of Akshuat, now the Baryshsky district of the Ulyanovsk region.

In 1919, he volunteered for the Eastern Front,

where he fought in the Simbirsk Workers' Regiment (later the 439th Rifle Regiment).

In the Patriotic War – since 1941, commander of the engineering brigade on the Leningrad and 1st Ukrainian fronts,

later - the 3rd pontoon–bridge brigade of the Proskurov RGC.

The brigade commanded by N.V. Sokolov participated in the construction of the legendary "road of life",

built crossings for our troops across the Neva, Dnieper, Sluch, Goryn, Dniester, Vistula, Oder, Neisse,

Spree and Danube. During the crossing of the Vistula River near Kolo-Baranow (Poland) in early August 1944.

Colonel N.V. Sokolov's brigade was given the task of transporting the troops of the 3rd Guards Tank Army

across the river. The whole area was under continuous artillery and mortar fire.

For two days – on August 3 and 4 – the pontoons held the defense, repelled repeated attacks by machine gunners

until the approach of our rifle units.

For his heroism on September 23, 1944, Colonel N.V. Sokolov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union

and the military rank of Major General of Engineering troops. He was awarded the second Order of Lenin,

4 Orders of the Red Banner, the Order of Kutuzov II degree, 2 Orders of the Red Star, medals,

the Slovak Order "For Military Distinction". Honorary citizen of Bratislava.