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Gorod voinskoy slavy-Taganrog

Rostovskaya oblast

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Taganrog – the city of military glory

During the Great Patriotic War Taganrog was occupied for almost two years. The largest underground organization in the south of the country operated in the city, whose book "Heroes of Taganrog" is dedicated to the fight against fascists by G. Hoffman.

The patriotic groups that emerged soon united into a single organization, headed by Semyon Morozov, Vasily Afonon and others. Patriots of Taganrog conducted several successful combat operations - they set a fire in a warehouse in the port, blew up an auto tire at a freight station, destroyed up to 40 cars in the garage of the Krasny Gidropress plant, wrecked a military echelon on the Martsevo-Koshkino stretch (near Taganrog), conducted constant propaganda work, destroyed punishers and traitors, disrupted military communications.- field and staff. They carried out tasks of the Soviet military command to collect information of a military nature. Leaflets and proclamations "News from the beloved Motherland" were regularly issued and pasted in crowded places of the city. Over 600 Taganrog residents took part in the anti-fascist struggle. At the beginning of 1943. Traitors betrayed several participants in the struggle, and mass arrests soon began. Cruel tortures, tortures and executions in February 1943, and then a second betrayal and new mass executions in June 1943. The anti-fascist movement was seriously undermined, but the memory of the Taganrog patriots is still alive in the city today. There are monuments, there are streets in honor of the fallen anti-fascists: Morozov, Afonov, Turubarov. Many of its participants died. For courage and bravery in the fight against the German invaders, 126 people were awarded orders and medals. S.G.Morozov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Since the liberation of Taganrog on August 30, 1943. The complete liberation of the Rostov region from the Nazi invaders has also been completed.

By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation D.A.Medvedev dated 03.11.2011 No. 1459 Taganrog was awarded the title of the Russian Federation "City of Military Glory"