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Gorod voinskoy slavy Vladivostok

Primorskiy kray


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Vladivostok is a large city in the Russian Far East, located in the Primorskyregion, on the coast of the Japan Sea. Vladivostok - that the end point of the longest railway in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway. During the terrible years of the Great Patriotic War, Vladivostok became a fortress that defended the Soviet Union from the mighty fleet of Japan, an ally of Germany. Vladivostok played the role of factory supplying the country with provisions, soldiersand products for the front. Labor heroism shown by the Vladivostok citizens is priceless. Schools of snipers were created and special destroyer battalions were formed. During the Great Patriotic War, Vladivostok turned out to be the only Soviet port outside the combat zone.A large flow of cargo for defense purposes passed through it. Thanks to Vladivostok, supplies of allied humanitarian aid, ammunition and military equipment, so necessary for the front, were carried out.

In 2010, the President of the Russiasigned the Decree “On conferring the honorary title of the Russian Federation“City of Military Glory”to the city of Vladivostok for the courage, fortitude and mass heroism shown by citizens of the city in the struggle for freedom and independence of the Fatherland. There are many monuments and memorable places created in Vladivostokin different years to perpetuate the memory of the events of 1941-1945. The most famous of them is the memorial "Submarine S-56" - a combat submarine installed on a pedestal in the central part of the city.