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Gorod trudovoy doblesti Vologda

Vologodskaya oblast


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In addition, Vologda, being a rear city, made a huge labor contribution to the overall Victory. This is the only city in the Soviet Union, which during the Great Patriotic War was a base for the supply of three fronts: Volkhov, Leningrad and Karelia. Every tenth resident of the city of Vologda – only 15 thousand Vologda citizens, went to the front, 8 thousand people did not return from the battlefields.

Vologda factories produced more than 100 items of military products – from armored trains to mines and uniforms of Red Army soldiers.

Funds were collected for the construction of the Heroic Leningrad air unit, for the Narodny Uchitel and Vologda Kolkhoznik tank columns.

Already in the fall of 1941, the largest Red Army distribution evacuation center, REP – 95, was deployed in Vologda.

It was in Vologda that the legendary military ambulance train No. 312 was formed, which transported more than 25 thousand wounded during the war years.

Vologda residents also provided assistance to Leningrad. Cargo for the besieged city passed through Vologda via the Northern Railway and Vologda Airport. And later the evacuation began. More than 200 trains passed through the regional center, in which about a third of the total number of evacuated Leningrad residents – more than 186 thousand people-passed.