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Moskovskaya oblast


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Attention! Information below is provided by special event station operator and published AS IS.

Memorial station callsign is dedicated to paratrooper heroes.

On the Ramenskoe district was started forming of 100 guards airbourne division in the June of 1943.

In the honour of heroic deeds on the Svir river, for assaulting a well-defended enemy stronghold devision was named as Svirskaya (Order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief #0174 in 02 of July 1944). Devision was also awarded Order of the Red Banner ( Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 17 of May 1944). Devision had completed all missions assigned to it. It had been released 5 cities, taken part in Vienna assault, released more than 50 large and medium-sized communities. Devision inflicted a major defeat to enemies in troop and equipment. It captured imprisoned 4700 soldiers and officers, 2 hospitals with 2000 recovering soldiers. Devision accepted the surrender 8200 german officers and soldiers. Captured 120 weapons, 50 tanks and same quantity of armoured personnel carriers, 550 cars, more than 800 rail wagons, 20 tractors, 135 machine guns, 2000 guns, near 1000 machine guns, 25 airplanes.

Besides this, devision destroyed in battles 4000 enemies, 4600 guns, 1200 machine guns, 150 grenade launchers, more than 10 anti-aircraft guns, 60 mortar shells, near 100 weapons, 30 zenith weapons, 100 tanks, 120 tractors, 1140 cars, more than 410 motorcycles, 700 bycicles, 100 radiostations, 14 warehouses and armaments, 4 airplanes.

Devision paid a high price for all this victories. During battles in the Karelian Front devision lost 5356 men, of whom was killed 1203 men and was injured 4153. In the 2and 3 Ukranian front during battles in Hungary, Austria and Czechoslovakia devision lost 3862 warriors, of whom was killed 939 and was injured 2923 men.

In common, during Second World war in 1944 and 1945 Devision lost 9118 men, of whom 2142 was killed.

Eternal memory to paratropper heroes, killed in battles for freedom and independence for Motherland, in the struggle against fascism, the biggest human enemy.

Memory about them will stay forever in hearts of fellow soldiers and youth, heirs of glorious traditions of their fathers. Names of heroes will stay forever, written on monuments and memorials, in the places of devisions glorious military way.

After the end of military actions devision came back by its own from Czechoslovakia to Hungary and was staying there till April of 1946. After it devision was moved by railways to the city Belaya Tserkov and renamed to 100 Svirskaya guard's airbourne devision.