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Geroicheskaya rabota zavoda ¬ęKrasnoe Sormovo¬Ľ

Nizhegorodskaya oblast

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The "Krasnoye Sormovo" plant built armored trains and ships. Plant workers assembled the first Russian tanks.

By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the plant had accumulated colossal experience in the production of various military products. The first decree of the State Defense Committee of July 1, 1941 ordered the Krasnoye Sormovo plant to immediately organize the production of T-34 medium tanks and ammunition. Having suspended the construction of ships and submarines, shipbuilders began to build tanks. The first combat vehicles of the Sormovo assembly were sent to the defense of Moscow in October 1941.

It wasn't easy. There were battles at the front, and the shipbuilders began their own battle - for the successful development of tank production, the production of armor casting and rolled metal, the production of tank tracks and the casting of tank turrets.

Tank building is a very metal-intensive production: 1 tank = 10 trucks = 20 buses = 50 cars = 350 motorcycles = 3500 bicycles.

Having replaced husbands, brothers and fathers, women and teenagers got up to the machines, hundreds of veterans - old production workers returned to the enterprise, front-line Komsomol youth brigades were created.

Since 1942, the plant resumed the construction of diesel submarines "Malyutka" and "S". They fought in the Baltic, in the northern and Far Eastern seas.